Kelly Wallin & Ferryn Martin
Girls With Guitars
ON OUR WAY (1999)  Order now!
Musical credits:
Vocals, acoustic and classical guitars: Kelly Wallin Vocals, acoustic guitar: Ferryn Martin

Congas, djembe, shaker-type stuff: James Metcalf
Fiddle: Eden Somer
Cello: Max Dyer
Trumpet: Noe Marmalejo
Light percussion: Debbie Hirsch, Kelly Wallin, Ferryn Martin

Additional vocals on "On Our Way": The Kitchen Sink Choir (Zachary Russell, Andrew "Boo" Saenz, Hannah Russell, Christian Russell, Mike Croes, Don and Pat Wallin, Dave and Ria Russell, Steve Russell, JoAn and Kelly Martin, Lane Martin)
On Our Way
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