Kelly Wallin & Ferryn Martin
Girls With Guitars
ON OUR WAY (1999)  Order now!
showcases the Girls With Guitars' mixed bag of styles and themes, from ballads to anthems to pop ditties and even boogie-woogie. This completely digitally-mastered CD contains 13 all-original tunes, from the light and soaring "On Our Way," recorded with a group of children -- to the haunting ballad "I Wonder (The Jasper Song)," an attempt to make some sense of the notorious Jasper, Texas hate crime incident.  


The Best Of Me (4:11)
You Were There (3:44)
In Its Own Time (4:31)
On Our Way (4:21)
The Prayer (3:33)
One Life (4:35)
I Wonder  (5:17)

Boogie-Woogie Blues (3:42)
Just You Wait (3:01)
Get Over Yourself (3:43)
Unconditionally (4:28)
The Year of the Comet (4:35)
You Drive Me Crazy (3:40)

On Our Way
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